Welcome to Magnimus techincal support, please contact to our mail whenever you have a problem . Our contact mail is the following:


The ticket that you will make must have the next information at the most precise way:

-Names and Surnames

-Descripction of the problem (explaining, where do you find this problem, if it is the first time that happens and any other information that you can add)

-Photography (if possible)

One sample of a ticket would be these one:

Hello good afternoon,

I am David Ibáñez Moya and I was surfing on the webpage when suddenly I noticed that you have a space dedicated at the shopping of your products.

So today I decided to explore this site for the first time, to see if there was any interesting product. So this afternoon I decided to bought a Magnimus Pillow, but it was in a different language, even though I had difficulties at searching for the shop, thankfully for the icons I encountered it. But once at the shop I could not saw any product here you have my view.

Once the ticket is written contact with the techincal team at the mail, and the will try to solve it.